Photographer Vojta Hurych


This movie would like to pay respect to all who managed to confront communist malevolent, proudly faced communist practices and were not broken even for the highest price – the price of one's own life.

The 1940s and 1950s rank among those dark chapters in the Czech history. In 1948 communists seized the power and with support of Soviet Union they began building totalitarian country. Under the guise of collectivisation, farmers and craftsmen were deprived of their land and property. The communist party exploited contrived political processes to forge its power establishing the atmosphere of fear while removing its opponents. The biggest judicial theatre performance occurred during the trial with Dr. Milada Horáková and others, meaning "with the marauding conspiratorial management against the country" and during the process with the official name "the trial with anti-state conspiracy centred around Rudolf Slánský".

The story told by the movie depicts the real life of Dr. Milada Horáková. The life story of a woman affecting numerous people with her extraordinary life. The life story of a woman and mother whose devotion to freedom and truth threatened future of her own family. The story of an excellent personality living during the period of tremendous world conflicts leaving the scarves on conscience of her nation.

Milada was a diplomat and reformer who sacrificed her own life for a change of the political and legal system in Czechoslovakia. Everything she was fighting and standing for in her life was threatened by the communist subversion and her country ended up in the totalitarian regime for decades, after all.
Milada was a woman fighting for freedom for the sake of her own life. She was a legislator against whom the government of her own country turned away. She was arrested and sentenced to death for her pro-democratic and anti-communist attitudes.



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