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I'll not beat around the coffee bush and I'll go straight to the point - which means I'll go to three things that have substantially enhanced my life as well as my closest ones since I'm happier and so they are! I need to admit that I denounced those things at the beginning, I was lazy to learn more about them. Later, my critical thinking, however, defeated me, I gave it a chance, and there we go - I felt like winning jackpot! So why not to share this experience with you when my life is much better with those things?

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We are what we eat


It's been two years since I quit eating everything what has any relation to gluten. I managed it surprisingly rather easily. But it is not actually surprising at all - I looked disgusting with my hundred kilograms! During the first month I managed to lose 15 kilos from my tired body and then another 7 kilos when I said goodbye also to another tricky killer – sugar. It's unbelievable, isn't it? They are two biggest junks that you can provide to your body and without them your life quality undoubtedly improves a lot. I realize that this was a very good decision each time when I pop up at a gas station – a spot of consumption and advertisement. You may actually give yourself only bottled water or rarely some nuts (I hate peanuts since they are legumes) and every now and then some extraordinary expensive dried meat there. But watch out - you shouldn't enchant with the word "healthy food supplements" in your diet. It doesn't work. Give your body just what it unsuccessfully asks for. And don't be a lazy bum like me and look for the information! Your body as well as your mind will thank you in a flash! So look at the Paleo Diet, for instance, and say goodbye to your wheat belly forever!

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I would rather fall down during workout than on the ice wall


After 10 years I resumed climbing. Actually, I never climbed so much. It was the same during the last 10 months, even though I was climbing both climbing walls and rocks every now and then. I mean I was not climbing because I did not fall at all and therefore I did not proceed anyhow to the next levels. I was a sort of coward since I climbed only the walls I could climb – so it was not anything stunning. I did not take any next step and that was wrong. As lately as several weeks ago I intentionally started climbing the routes on the climbing wall which were over my limit and most importantly I started falling from them (to the climbing seat, of course :-). You wouldn't believe how difficult it was. I do not mean the routes themselves because I will probably manage to climb them soon with this attitude. I would like to describe the feeling when you are fully exhausted, you do not feel like continuing but you go for it and try what it allows you... and there is just one sure thing - you go for an inevitable fall. Then one day it breaks up and you move your limits - again and again. That is the best teaching so that I wouldn't be scared to death during ice climbing because during it you simply can't fall. It is like that in the real life. You practice falling so that in the moment when you cannot fall you do not lose your head and manage the situation in the good style. Miracles may actually happen when you surpass you own comfort zone. That's it.

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You know we people are really crazy - we put the feet into shoes with spooky shape rather than making shoes according to our feet...


Barefoot shoes – the more I was sceptic about this thing, the more I enjoy it today. Exactly a year ago I gave unpleasant questions to everyone whom I saw in these shoes called "barefoot shoes". What is the purpose to have shoes in which I feel stepping on every little stone? Do I really need this tiny little "flip flops" in which the difference between your feet and dirty feet of a bushman is only a several millimetres thick sole? I thought it's just another fancy pancy... Later I read a bit about it – they claimed that it is very natural to walk barefoot and it was intentionally created by Mother Nature, otherwise we could have soles already from being born. So what else to do than to try it? It more or less sounded reasonable. I bought a stylish pair of shoes and set off for photographing to Rome. Right the next day I took out from the shoes the pads that were in the shoes so that you would not be so shocked and would gradually get used to wearing them. It was so great as you recognize an inner sense you have not experienced for a long time. Who doesn't try it, doesn't understand it. After four months I simply disposed of all non-barefoot shoes. Before offering my last pair of "regular" shoes as a gift I went shopping with them. I felt like catching a cold. I was somehow missing the newly gained sense suggesting me what way I should set off for (in life). So please try them, they are fabulous and your legs will be grateful to you! I myself hit the weddings in them and in the other pair I weekly manage to run over thirty kilometres. When I do not need to wear them, I walk simply barefoot without any "barefoot shoes". It is actually the very best thing - live barefoot!!

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In these shoes all roads lead to Rome

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