Vojta Hurych

Adélka and Filip

Hostinec Na Statku Jakubov

When I sent a preview of this photo selection to Adelka, I was pleased but also astonished from her answer. She said that pictures are great but if there is a chance that I could also find a couple of pictures where they are not just grinning all the time. Actually, I could. Those are the pictures in which they are depicted from the back and they should not be part of the photo selection, I reckon.:)

One could say that I'm a specialist in smiles. The truth is even simpler. I'm actually lucky to meet cool people! Thank you Adélka and Filip – observing your smiles was very contiguous!


Hari (26. 05. 2017 21:11)

Boží...jako vlastně vždycky ;)

Vojta Hurych (26. 05. 2017 23:19)

Díky, Luky! :)

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