Photographer Vojta Hurych


I was really lucky to get the opportunity to be the photographer of the TV series Murder Squad and also the web content editor when broadcasted on the TV. It was especially big trust I was endowed with by Tomas Fertek (Project Lead) and Michal Reitler (Creative Producer) that they were willing to introduce such a TV fledgling as me to their team. It was one year in my life and I really learned a lot. Along with photo-documenting and text materials drafting for the web and PR department I was during broadcasting taking care of the Facebook profile of the TV series. Altogether I took 8740 snapshots, submitted around 2897 photographs to the photographic department, with Dusan Krejdl and Filip Vancura I filmed and scripted almost 20 interesting interviews, under the 24 hours' supervision of Lenka Krsova I wrote numerous FB statuses and last but not the least I would like to thank my "friend on phone" Honza Malinda (the co-author of the screenplay) that he did not leave me alone for a single moment and did not leave the quality of the web content and the FB site to fall behind the TV series itself. So big thanks to all of you for the cooperation and patience! You can find below a couple of pictures from the filming itself.


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