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We both or in other words "VoBa" have never made much ado about nothing! We simply love each other and even though on the day of the departure for our honeymoon to Tyrol our car broke down, we did not make a big deal out of it. Our baggage was already packed, so we just wrote "honeymoon" on a piece of cardboard and set off for the hitchhiking journey somewhere with the thoughts: "May the unlimited space take care of us."

We spent the first night in a fantastic camping site found randomly nearby Budislav which is not known to more than 100 enthusiasts as written in the local notes. Some folks came back to this magic place high above the treetops even after 30 years! Some conceived children there, some fell in love... We had a sip of wine and while Barunka was shivering the whole night, I did not fall asleep for a minute to be a sort of guardian. To be honest I have seen many more horror movies than it is suitable for a regular human being.

Thanks to hitchhiking, wind and the good will of drivers we got to Vltava and Český Krumlov after all - from the overhang and smelly fire to the four-star hotel in the most romantic part of our country. That was simply an idyllic time!

On the second and third day we rode Vltava River. We were there on our own along with the flow of 100 people per second. 

It was awesome and unforgettable - simply about both of us!


Mája (23. 11. 2016 11:57)

Nádherní lidé i fotky. Držím vám do života palce - ale nejspíš to nebude potřeba, neboť když se jde osudu naproti, dopadá to šťastně a vy jste toho důkazem :)

Dusan (14. 03. 2017 13:09)

Zboznujem tvoj cit pre vedlajsie pribehy v pozadi..

Vojta Hurych (14. 03. 2017 16:52)

Děkuju, Dušene! :)

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