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We were together gazing at the stars once and we together discovered the one that is possible to be seen just once in a year... That’s the star to which "mice-nauts" were sent (if you don't know what I am speaking about, they are the poor little mice which in secret substituted people in discovering the universe) and we together will inform the whole world about it one day!:)

It was actually the first time when I was photographing this gorgeous lady who have seen probably every single of my published photographs in the last years and with patience corrected the colors owing to my low color sense (yes, and now the cat is out of the bag – I am a color blind photographer!). She laughs frequently or actually almost all the time and it was pretty difficult and spontaneous at the same time to depict her in the photographs with a serious look... Do you think it’s a kind of cipher? Congratulations, you are open-minded and we both are like that! :)


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