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smetana's litomyšl

Hope I will not sound ungrateful but I don't want to be just a wedding photographer. Wedding photographing used to be my dream that has been my livelihood and joy for the last three years. Nevertheless, I enjoy reportage photographing at the weddings the most - which means to absorb the story and narrate it with the set of hopefully good pictures. 

Why haven't I photographed anything on my own apart from the journey to Nepal during those five years since I took up freelancing?! I strived so much so that photographing became my livelihood that I almost forgot what I could portray from this beautiful world and how!

To be honest I was fairly out of balance. All of the sudden I realized that even though the wedding photographing portfolio is a reflection of the well-done job I have the desire to narrate also other stories - free of charge. When discussing this matter with Petr Wagenknecht and Radek Kalhous I admitted that I wanted something more from photographing. I wanted photographing to be part of my life - not as a sort of mistress but as a teacher.

So I photographed in this way the first thing that I had in my mind. I love my hometown Litomyšl and I consider my best pictures those ones I photographed in the backstage of the social events.

Therefore, I attempted to portray the situations that perhaps the audience of Smetana's Litomyšl - the classical music festival of the unprecedented high standard in the Czech Republic - would not be able to see. This meant preparation for the performance and backstage during the performance. Even though I did not manage to get there so often as I originally wished for, I extraordinarily enjoyed it!


Jan Pikna (25. 11. 2016 05:37)

Nádherný fotky, uděláme z nich při příští Smetance výstavu, co říkáte?

Vojta Hurych (25. 11. 2016 10:01)

Bude mi ctí i potěšením! Děkuju :)

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