Photographer Vojta Hurych

Péťa and Zbyňda

When I saw Vojta's picture at the website for the first time, I was pretty sure that I don't want any other photographer. If you seek someone who sensitively portrays your precious moments, Vojta is the right person. You can feel from his picture that it is not just his job. In addition, he is a great personality with whom you feel fine and he is excellent in communication. Should I choose again, my choice would be the same. 

Kačka and Péťa

I knew for sure that I want Vojta as my wedding photographer even before meeting my beloved partner. And when I saw the results after the wedding, I started crying. Yes – crying emotionally with laughing and joy because he managed to portray something unbelievable. I know, it sounds as a cliché, but I reckon that as a professional wedding photographer I know what I am speaking about.

Adélka and Filip

We've heard that it is worth getting married just because of these photographs. Vojta is a story teller – sensitive but without any restrains. Don't be shy to open your mind. His pictures will multiply it for you.

Marťa and Tom

Vojta is exactly the type of the person you see for the first time and and along with you, all wedding guests fall in love with him. I really appreciate that he spent with us such a charming day and I am grateful every time when I view the photographs and choke with laughter, wipe off the emotional tears and my heart pounces with happiness. Thanks to his talent, I am able to recall what was our Day really like.

Barunka and Váďa

We were seeking a photographer who would depict us exactly as we are and outstanding nature of our family and friends. We aspired to find someone whose pictures we would view even in several years and would experience our Day once again. Vojta fulfilled our wish! We can see never-ending smile, embracing and joyful cheering. An atmosphere that conjures up a grinning face or emotional tears in the eyes.

Kika and Zed

Vojta is a magician with the camera. He is able to perfectly capture the whole range of genuine emotions that one feels on the wedding day. Every time we view the wedding pictures, we experience the amazing atmosphere again and again. This is really a wonderful feeling!

Linda and Patrik

For my wedding day I voluntarily selected two men - my dream fiancé Patrik and the excellent photographer Vojta. Neither of them disappointed me. It's understandable that I will not recommend the first one any more but if you want to have unusual pictures with the story behind told by the photographer, Vojta is the right choice.

Blanka and Adam

I wanted to get married on 6th September but Vojta was already booked for that day even one year in advance! It is pretty visible that he enjoys photographing and gives us great joy with his photographs! Therefore, I will never regret having married 14 days later than originally wished for.

Kája and Martin

We all know that Vojta is a fabulous photographer! You may just view several of his pictures. However, the fact that he has a great character has the same or even higher importance. During the photographing session you just feel great while spending time with him which is visible in the pictures, too.

Péťa and Fanda

If you want some photographs, just contact a photographer. If you want to depict splendid moments, contact Vojta.

Hela and Filip

Decision to contact Vojta was the second best decision right after the idea to get married. He is a person who has humble attitude towards his craft and is extremely gifted to be able to depict strong emotions - in his original, smart and humorous manner. Thank you, Vojta, for your marvellous wedding photographs!

Valča and Ondra

Along with evidently excellent quality of photographs we would like to point out Vojta's excellent human attitude. We did not perceive him as a stranger who had to do his job but as another family member who by coincidence owns photographic tools, can expertly handle them and enjoys doing so. We definitely recommend him.

Renata and Ondřej

We chose Vojta as our wedding photographer for several reasons. There is no need to mention his quality to take beautiful natural photos which do not look fake or artificial. However, I would like to point out his extraordinary empathy, kindness, ability to be fast and calm you down and be always ready. We really appreciated these qualities during our wedding.

Lucka and Marek

Vojta and his photographs are simply "a different cup of coffee" – he is a pro with his heart at the right place and works differently than others. He is able to see and depict what others omit. That's why we really love him!

Janča and Lukáš

Not only is Vojta a good companion but he is also a real professional. Otherwise, how could you get such stunning pictures from your wedding when you had been pretty convinced for your whole life until then that you were not photogenic at all? Vojta simply provides full service - empathy, smiling in hard times, occasional invisibility, pretty nice professionalism and most importantly beautiful pictures which one enjoys viewing even thousand times.

I really appreciate your trust.
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