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Since childhood, I was dragged from one wedding to another. You know, I am from a big family... I have 23 nieces and nephews from my father's side. I don't remember a lot from the typical weddings because I was the youngest of all. I just recall that I used to wear a small itchy blazer and that I used to steal the auntie's delicious cream rolls in the kitchen … and especially that I really enjoyed it. That's probably the reason why I nowadays photograph mainly weddings.

I have photographed almost 180 weddings so far. I have seen and experienced a lot and there is one sure thing – there is not a bride (or a groom) who wants raining on the wedding.

This brings me to the best wedding I have ever experienced. Of course, it was the wedding where I promised to my beloved Barunka love till death do us part. It was raining cats and dogs for half a day! Was it a tragedy? Not at all! 

Wedding is time spent with the beloved ones. Take a look at how my friend Petr Wagenknecht portrayed our (waterproof) beloved ones in May 2016 at the best wedding ever that we would immediately repeat once again!

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Lenka (30. 11. 2017 12:34)

Dobrý den, tohle je taky foceno fujifilmem x100f?
Pořád se rozhoduju, protože mám takový nutkavý pocit, že právě x100f potřebuji :D.
Předem moc děkuji za odpověd :).

Vojta Hurych (03. 12. 2017 12:55)

Srdečně zdravím Lenko, ne, naše svatba není nafocena na X100F, ale na Nikon Df. Mějte se hezky, Vojta

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